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Born in Glasgow, Scotland and raised in East Kilbride,  At a young age he started lifting weights and became a competitive junior Scottish bodybuilder, winning several championships in his teens.

After drama school he started in the theatre, touring with Harold Pinter's classic, 'The Birthday Party', in the role of the menacing McCann followed by Jerry in Edward Albee's 'A Zoo Story', and Tambo in the world premiere of 'The Ringer', to rave reviews.


He was awarded the BAFTA Scotland Award for his Performance in 2006 and his second BAFTA for the self-penned 'Running in Traffic' (2009) as the grief-stricken, drug dealing, Cullen, alongside Olivier Award winner Kenneth Cranham for which he won also won the Rising Star Trailblazer award.


A variety of diverse roles followed in American and British independent films, The Red Machine (2009)  Miles Away (2010) & action thriller Battleground (2012).

He demonstrated his leading man versatility with a slate of both dramatic and action movies before gaining over 40 lbs of muscle for the towering Russian, Dolokhov in Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013).


His career has been marked by playing on the duality of vulnerable but tough types. Often showing a depth and complexity to an otherwise two-dimensional character. 'Let Us Prey' (2015) as the brutal and broken cop, Jack Warnock opposite Liam Cunningham, Golden Globe nominated 'Outlander' (2014) as Geordie Chisholm (2015) and 'Shetland' (2016).


In 2016 he starred with Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman in the No 1 UK box office 'London Has Fallen' (2016), 'I am Vengeance' (2018), 'Dead Heading' and a leading role or Ernest Hunter opposite Donnie Yen and Andy Lau in Hong Kong's 'Chasing The Dragon', (2018).

He is the official UK Ambassador for Giordano the largest clothing brand in Asia and his ongoing work with them will continue through 2017 and into 2018 cementing his popularity in more than 30 countries with a series of inspirational commercial films.

in 2018 saw the completion of the self-penned, 'Dead End' (2017) & sequel Dead End : A Justified Kill, (2019)  about a travelling hitman  contracted by MI6 to take down a global human trafficking operation. The trilogy have amassed over 40 international film festival awards. The same year he co-starred with Natalie Dormer and Eddie Marsan in the animated feature 'Pets United' (2019).

In 2019 to the present day his he has appeared on History Channel's 'Vikings' (2021)  'Blood and Truth' (2019) and numerous acclaimed videos games as a motion capture performer and versatile voice artist including the Horizon :Zero Dawn (2021) franchise. Bryan has recently completed work on quarantine short 'Everything Was Fine' (2021) and the Dead Man Walking (2020).

His star continues to rise in Europe and South East Asia and will appear opposite South Koreas top stars, Hwang Jun-Min and Hyun Bin in the soon to be released 'The Point Men'. for Watermelon Pictures and ''Narco-Saints'' for Netflix.

He appeared in Dungeons and Dragons for as Chancellor Norixius opposite Chris Pine and Hugh Grant and will soon appear in Season 3 of Cobra for Sky TV.

Updated :June 2023

Photo Credit : Martin McNeil

Chasing The Dragon
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